The Pucić Palace

The Pucić Palace

Proud witness of Dubrovnik’s glorious past

Some places withstand time. Dubrovnik’s historic heart, the world renowned Old Town, is such a place. Surrounded by impressive sun bathed stone walls, dating from the 13th century, Dubrovnik’s Old Town is a window into the past, a place full of textures, sounds, smells and sensations that traverse time.

In the heart of the Old Town, at the end of the famous street Stradun, in Gundulić Square, the most beautiful square in Dubrovnik, sits hotel The Pucić Palace. Built in the 17th century, this grand building was once home to the Dubrovnik’s aristocratic family Pucić. The Pucić family left their mark on Dubrovnik’s history through their political work and their love of art. Karlo Pavlov Poce authored the first printed collection of poems in Dubrovnik, and Medo Pucić played a decisive role in guiding the then still unknown Vlaho Bukovac, now considered one the greatest Croatian painters of the modern era. In 1895 the palace began to serve as a hotel, then called Hotel De la Ville, and this tradition of hospitality continues today.

Gundulić Square was built after an earthquake struck Dubrovnik in 1667.. Today, a small bridge connecting the two blocks of the Palace, serves as a reminder of this incredible event. In the morning, the square serves as a marketplace, coming alive in an explosion of colors, smells, and textures of local food— the hotel’s knowledgable chef will take you to explore the market’s wonders. In the afternoon, the market and Stradun are transformed into an area of relaxation, socializing and refreshment. The surrounding palaces, scenic streets and little lanes have remained the same since the Middle Ages, and around every corner you feel as if you might catch a glimpse of a passing noblewoman with her entourage… or even that well-known Lannister.


In hotel The Pucić Palace history is as tangible and real as the city’s stone walls. Here, traditions are still alive. A chapel in the heart of the palace is still used for weddings. Local delicacies, such as green pasta and spotted macaroni are made in the same way they’ve been made for centuries. The same goes for the adoration of music, the appreciation of art, the love of poetry and prose - the very values inherited from the former owners of these noble palaces.

The Pucić Palace
Pucić Palace immerses you in history, transporting you to another time and a richer way of life. It serves as a proud witness of Dubrovnik’s glorious past.


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